I like "dinosaur rock" for the most part -- obsolete 70s rock. I also dig classical music, particularly Bach, but also Beethoven, Moussorgsky, and Mozart. I'm heavily into some electronic music, in particular Synergy, but also Tangerine Dream and Tomita. I like folk music, and filk as well.

Against my better judgement, I'm finding some stuff on the edges of Gothic and Techno/Rave that I like, though I dislike most of the music in those catagories. I really really despise Rap, Country/Western, and most modern music you can dance to, placing them slightly below muzak on my scale.

I hate modern dance. I really like folk dancing and other stuff like english country dancing and pavanes. I haven't tried ballroom dancing yet, but I suspect I'd like it. Basically, if the dance has real steps to it, and isn't done to modern dance music, I'll probably like it. That amorphous disorganized thrashing about that some folks pass of as dance these days doesn't exactly appeal to me. I guess I don't like it unless there's at least a passing attempt at precision.

I can't play any instrument worth a damn, I don't know one iota of music theory, and I can't read music either. Some day I'd like to learn bass guitar. I'd also like to get a MIDI keyboard for my computer, so I could experiment with computer music.

Doug DeJulio