Hair Through the Ages


[download ddj-4.jpg]

Here's a picture of me taken 5/11/95. No particular care was taken to make this a passable picture -- it was taken spur of the moment to stick in this chronology.

A Few Months Ago

[download ddj.gif]

This picture was snapped in 1994, before Halloween. I shaved off the beard for my Halloween costume, which can be seen on my "pictures" page.

CMU Staff

[download ddj-3.jpg]

Here's a picture from my CMU Staff ID card. This was the early 1990s.

CMU Student

[download ddj-2.jpg]

This is a picture from the early days of my long hair, in the late 1980s.


[download ddj-1.jpg]

Ah, here's what I looked like as a Freshman at CMU, back in 1986. Yeah, when my hair is short, it really does get straight like that.

Doug DeJulio