Here's some info about my consoles.

XBox 360


Nintendo GameCube

I've got a regular controller, a "WaveBird" wireless controller, an extension cable, a GameBoy Advance connection cable, and a GameBoy Advance player. I'll be getting another WaveBird soon, and the Cube has 4 controller ports on it, so this should be pretty good for party games.


I've got a 3rd party link cable that will link 2-4 players. With Nintendo's cable, if n people want to play, you have to have n-1 cables, which makes it annoying to arrange. Combine the 4-player link cable with the fact that some GBA games don't need a cart for each player and multiplayer wackiness ensues.

Sega Genesis

Super NES

Actual Human Being Type Games

Doug DeJulio